We are able to award 10 students registered to a French institution with stipends that will cover mainly the registration fee.
You can now register to FIMH 2019, see the registration information page for details.
Preceding FIMH, the Consortium for ECG Imaging is organizing a one-day satellite symposium (on 5 June) to improve the interaction between engineers and clinicians in the field of ECGI. This CEI satellite symposium will be an all-day event, taking place at the LIRYC institute amphitheater in Bordeaux the day before the FIMH conference begins. The format will include a mixture of clinical and engineering presentations as well as time for open discussion. Registration is free through the website ( , and this website will continue to be updated with more information as we have it. If you be planning on visiting FIMH and are interested in ECGI, consider joining this interesting workshop!
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